Hello and welcome to The Backlog, a look at some older video games that I’m finally getting around to playing.  Here on the debut edition we’ll be taking a look at Killzone 2, the 2009 follow-up to the Playstation 2 hit Killzone and the PSP installment, Killzone: Liberation.

The game starts with one of the best intro video clips I’ve ever seen on a game.  The leader of the Helghast, Emperor Scolar Visari is making an impassioned speech to the people of Helghan about the coming ISA invasion. As the camera pans back from Visari’s face to reveal a TV screen being watched by two of our main characters, Rico and Sev(our playable hero), before going back to Visari as his speech intensifies, calling for the Helgans to defend their planet to the bitter, bloody end.

From here we go to the start menu where you can select single player campaign, multiplayer, etc…

My internet sucks, so no multiplayer for me.  But luckily, the single player campaign was very solid to say the least.  The graphics are high quality with some very nice cinematics and cut scenes.  The gameplay is pretty straightforward and easy to pick up and play.  And the sound and story are pretty darn good as well as you blast your way towards the Helgan capital in hopes of capturing Visari.  You can’t ask for much more from a shooter.  Oh, and it leads in to Killzone 3 very nicely as well.

I highly recommend this game for anyone that is even more behind in their gaming than I am and has not played it yet.  Very little was lacking from this game.

Killzone 2 gets a four out of five: GREAT.

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    Stinger says:

    I’d definitely agree with that. I got KZ2 as part of a bundle with my PS3 (along with Infamous) at the same time I got a bunch of games to go with it. Played a little bit of it, and don’t think I made it past the second or third mission and didn’t play it again for almost a year.

    When I finally got back around to it, I finished it in two or three days and thought it was great. Ending was a pain, but that challenge only made it more satisfying.

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