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Jetpack Joyride Review

Jetpack Joyride

Jetpack Joyride Review

Jetpack Joyride is a free to play game for a host of different platforms (iOS, Android, PS3/Vita, Windows), and this review in particular covers both the PS3 and the Android version (running on a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2) since those are the two versions that I’ve played (the game plays the same no matter what though).

The game is an auto-runner, all you have to do is tap the screen or press a button to make your man move up the screen to dodge stuff and collect coins. In a lot of ways, it reminds of me the old Flash favorite “Helicopter.” Only thing is, I’m much, much better at Jetpack Joyride than I ever was at Helicopter. Like Helicopter, Jetpack Joyride is simple, charming, and addictive.

Obviously, you can’t “beat” the game. The only object is to travel as far as possible before you die and fight on the leaderboards. It’s the kind of game where “one more attempt” turns in to two hours, or who knows how many attempts, and you’re left wondering if you really just spent two and a half hours playing it. Believe me, it’s not hard to do, especially when you factor in the game’s missions (of which there are plenty… things like high five 15 scientist, or scrap your head for 2000 meters, and so on).

They keep things fresh by introducing several special jetpack vehicles (a motorcycle, a dragon, teleporter, a bird that craps money and collects coins, a robot that stomps, and a suit that allows you to change gravity). These are all unique and cool, but my favorites are definitely the motorcycle and the robot. I hate the dragon one.

You can use the coins you collect to purchase power-ups, and there’s even a slot machine at the end that can deal out some power-ups if you collect the chips during the game to be able to do the slots. You can also use the coins to buy upgrades to your man, like outfits and stuff. Of course being free to play, there are some micro-transactions where you can spend an insane amount of money buying coins. Most of us will never see a reason to spend any real money in the game though, as it’s just not necessary.

If you’re looking for a great time waster for your smartphone, tablet, or PS3/Vita, you really don’t have a reason to skip this. It’s free for crying out loud. Download it, and I’m sure you’ll find it just as addictive.

Jetpack Joyride gets a four out of five: GREAT.

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