No Man’s Sky Abyss Update Now Available; Full Patch Notes

The most up to date totally free upgrade to No Guy’& rsquo; s Sky, this one referred to as Void, is currently readily available on computer, PS4, and Xbox One.

Players can now better explore seas as well as develop underwater habitats. Look into the trailer for the upgrade below, and below that you’& rsquo; ll discover the complete spot notes for Abyss.

< Check out the horrors of the deep in The Abyss upgrade. Presenting water atmospheres with over 5 times much more selection, differed animal behaviours, improved undersea visuals and far more.


  • Raised the diversity of underwater biomes.
  • Improved personality motion in the water.
  • Enhanced surface area swimming.
  • Improved swimming for customised characters.
  • Permitted the lantern to be used undersea.
  • Boosted undersea as well as swimming electronic cameras.
  • Improved video camera behavior when coming close to the surface of the water.
  • Included assistance for jetpacking undersea.
  • Enhanced the probability of oxygen spawning as an additional resource undersea.
  • Enhanced the midsts at which undersea structures can generate.
  • Prevented drones spawning underwater or following you deep undersea.
  • Included undersea just emotes.
  • Enhanced underwater personality and swimming sound.
  • Boosted underwater prop positioning as well as things thickness.
  • Improved surface editing undersea and taken care of a concern where it can swiftly push the gamer upwards.
  • Boosted colours of the water surface area, as well as underwater impacts.
  • Improved foam result at the edges of water and objects.
  • Fixed a problem where a line can be seen round underwater items as well as the underwater horizon.
  • Enhanced water visuals in the evening.
  • Gotten rid of a difficult pixelated side seen beside water.


  • Boosted detection of whether the player is inside a structure while underwater.
  • Enhanced general fish shoal behaviour.
  • Enhanced generate prices of fish and animals undersea.
  • Boosted predacious fish motion and behavior.
  • Boosted logic for spawning and also despawning undersea creatures.
  • Improved motion of underwater cow and also rodent type creatures.
  • Boosted and included in fish and also undersea animal audio.
  • Added jellyfish, clams, crabs, as well as abyssal horrors.


  • Disabled censorship in message conversation in between buddies.
  • Included more choices to the inventory transfer menu.
  • Gotten rid of unnecessary UI information to boost lots times and also memory impact.
  • Impaired resizing the surface beam of light at times when it can not be utilized.
  • Repaired situations where quick menu items were improperly highlighted.
  • Taken care of concerns with vehicle supply transfers.
  • Dealt with the threat icons for defense tech against additional risks.
  • Dealt with a collision caused by opening up the supply while making use of the ship communicator.
  • Boosted getting of some things in the building menu.
  • Taken care of a clipping issue in the binocular UI.
  • Taken care of an occasional collision in the character customiser.
  • Numerous small message as well as localisation solutions and improvements.


  • Included the chance for abandoned buildings, ruins, collapsed freighters, and also collapsed starships to generate undersea.
  • Taken care of a problem where players could fail storeroom walls.
  • Permitted storage rooms to be placed in a grid design.
  • Made small renovations to the indoor camera.
  • Corrected volume of NPC speech inside gamer bases.
  • Fixed a problem where store terminals positioned in bases might create specific spaces to be hidden.
  • Altered limitations on developing some objects rewarded with the Quicksilver bot.
  • Included a new undersea shelter structure.
  • Included over a dozen new base components.


  • Improved spawning of frigates in multiplayer video games when gamers are onboard them.
  • Taken care of a problem where the players ships would inaccurately show up in a brand-new system after buckling.
  • Dealt with situations where certain frigates would certainly constantly take the exact same type of damages.
  • Taken care of a problem where several fleet missions would automatically be handed in at the same time.
  • Included capacity to scan frigates and also freighters making use of the Analysis Visor.
  • Included capacity for gamers to fix their friends’ & rsquo; frigates
  • . Repaired concerns with personalities on the freighter after the gamer is talented it.
  • Protected against dust being permanently active on frigate landing pads.
  • Boosted ejecting from your ship in constrained spaces, prevented being launched through reduced hanging ceilings and also anomaly wall surfaces.
  • Enhanced positioning of gamers getting out of ships as well as respawning on touchdown pads.
  • Taken care of an issue where frigates failed to reset their resource collection after providing sources to the gamer.
  • Dealt with a crash triggered by the abnormality in specific systems.
  • Included a marker for off-screen great voids.
  • Made frigate symbols less intrusive.
  • Stopped the anomaly being re-summoned if it is currently existing.
  • Added capacity to detect worlds with water from the galactic map.
  • Taken care of a concern where the gamer could not land their ship after switching goals while taking a look at a goal pen.
  • Included an automobile shop to the spaceport station.
  • Repaired problems where gamers might be stuck in ship touchdown pads.


  • Added the Desire For the Deep objective.
  • Included a new tale to underwater damages.
  • Added a number of brand-new marine substances, products, as well as products.
  • Enhanced the return marker on sites the gamer has actually travelled through.
  • Fixed a concern where some goals would always provide a similar incentive.
  • Boosted capability for goals to pick places to send you to from small collections of buildings.
  • Taken care of a concern where security tech would only drain pipes for one hazard at a time.


  • Lowered the distance on the automobile weapon to ensure particles generate at the get in touch with point.
  • Enhanced automobile increase effect colours.
  • Impaired the locate structure capability in the automobile’& rsquo; s default scan, as it has actually been changed by an enhanced check.
  • Removed stickers from the default automobile, permitting gamer to add them.
  • Enhanced colours of car stickers.


  • Taken care of cases where birds would fly into the ground.
  • Improved rodent tail computer animation.
  • Boosted animal scanning in multiplayer.
  • Taken care of a problem where filters for creature component generation were not correctly applying to all sexes.
  • Dealt with an issue where organic scaries can come to be non-hostile after assaulting an exocraft.


  • Boosted shader uniform resolution on computer, a performance optimization.
  • Dealt with an issue where there can be a long pause on a black display when booting into the video game.
  • Improved multiplayer authorizations for entrance hall usage.
  • Altered default multiplayer approvals to be extra permissive in Imaginative Setting.
  • Taken care of various infrequent collisions.
  • Applied numerous performance, system as well as stability repairs.

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