Guardians, we are less than two months away until the release of Shadowkeep and a pivotal, huge shift for Destiny 2 and the franchise going forward.

Shadowkeep releases on September 17, but we’re not just going back to the moon. This isn’t just a Destiny expansion. September 17th also sees the game rebranded as a free-to-play title, Destiny 2: New Light, the PC version moves to Steam, and we get cross-save.

The population will be booming, as players return and new players jump in thinks to the rework in how things are done and the fact that the game will be free-to-play (all year one content, including those three raids, all strikes, Gambit, and even all the destinations in the game including the Moon).

It also marks the beginning of the wholly Bungie vision. Season of Opulence was co-developed with the Activision help, Shadowkeep is all Bungie here. It marks the shift towards a more hardcore, more RPG, more MMO version of Destiny.

There’s a lot to be excited about, for us players who never stopped playing, for the lapsed players, and for the people who will be experiencing the game for the first time.

Of course those of us playing the game today, have a little bit of a leg up on those who haven’t played in a long time or have never played. While they’ll be able to jump in and quickly get to about 750 power, they’ll be lacking in important areas. Even those who play everyday could be seriously lacking still.

This guide is for those players who are currently playing the game. Now is the time to begin your Shadowkeep prep, and that’s what this guide is all about. What to do, what to hold on to, what to dismantle, etc. This is a material/economy prep guide. We’re not discussing saving bounties or edging exotic/pinnacle weapons on alt characters in this guide.

There’s a caveat here though, we don’t know a great deal about changes coming to the game alongside Shadowkeep and the beginning of the Season of the Undying yet. We don’t yet know if there will be economy changes, or what exactly sandbox changes will do. We can make educated guesses though, and in the case of the economy I really don’t see it changing drastically because it’s in a pretty good spot for the most part (I know, enhancement cores for infusion is a pain).

Do Vanguard and Crucible Bounties Daily

You should start doing the Vanguard and Crucible bounties every day until Shadowkeep releases on at least one character. If you can find the time, do it on a second or even third character as well.

We’re not holding on to them, we’re turning them in for the tokens.

Do not spend your tokens at Zavala or Shaxx until after Shadowkeep releases. Unless you’re chasing a god roll Service Revolver, there’s no need to be dumping your tokens right now. Save them. Shadowkeep should introduce at least a couple of new items to the loot pool in terms of weapons, and one can safely assume with the armor 2.0 changes the armor that drops from these packages will be new and useful compared to the existing armor that will not be 2.0 compatible.

The more tokens you have, the more packages you can open when Shadowkeep releases to get relevant loot. Start stockpiling now.

Pop a Vanguard or Crucible boon while you’re doing these activities, use a Ghost that gives extra tokens, use a Strike emblem that grants extra tokens… just start building that large collection of tokens now.

Dismantle Year 1 Items and All Eververse Items

A lot of us dismantled Year 1 items last year, but if you haven’t then do so.

If you still use it, like say a Midnight Coup that’s masterworked and has thousands and thousands of kills tracked, then continue to use it and have fun. But if it’s some year one Future War Cult sidearm that you don’t use and it’s just sitting in your vault, delete it and get the shards.

With the Collections, you can always pull this stuff back out if you ever feel the need to use it again.

All the armor should definitely go. The weapons can still hang and be fun to use, but you’re just gimping yourself if you still rock year one armor. Delete it.

Dismantle all of your Eververse items as well. Armor, Shaders, Ghosts, Ships, and Sparrows, delete it all. Once Shadowkeep comes out, Eververse items will no longer dismantle into Bright Dust and it won’t cost Bright Dust to reacquire these weapons from your Collections. So delete them now, get all the Bright Dust, and then reacquire what you want for Shards and Glimmer once Shadowkeep releases.

Your Eververse armor will become universal ornaments that you can apply to any armor piece (I’m assuming Armor 2.0 piece).

The only exception here, I would recommend holding onto two exotic Ghosts: one with Guiding Light (10XP bonus) and one with Treasure Hunter (increased Glimmer gains) until the day before Shadowkeep releases before deleting them. They’re still useful, and the quicker you level up, the more Bright Engrams you can turn in to dismantle for Bright Dust.

While you’re at it, do a few Eververse bounties each week. It’s a little extra Bright Dust for just doing things you would already be doing.

Just go through your vault and dismantle any year two items that you don’t use as well (unless it’s a potentially well rolled weapon). If it isn’t worth infusing up to 750 for you, and it doesn’t have a roll you think might eventually be good, then dismantle it.

Do Gunsmith Bounties Daily

A great change came with Season of Opulence; Banshee got three daily bounties and two weekly bounties. Each bounty rewards an Enchancement Core.

If you have three characters, you can get a guaranteed 9 cores a day, or 69 cores a week (that’s including doing the two weeklies on three characters).

Until they say otherwise, assume no changes are coming to the Enhancement Core economy. In fact, just assume that they’ll become even more valuable.

You want to be sitting on as many of these Cores as you can be. You don’t want new weapons with great rolls or new armor, or infusion, to be hindered by not having the cores to upgrade this stuff.

If you start now, doing the daily bounties every day on three characters, when Shadowkeep comes out you’ll be sitting on over 550 Enhancement Cores. Even more when you factor in dismantling items that are masterworked, items that are partially masterworked, or getting the finest matterweave consumable.

If you play everyday, you will have no excuse to be whining about Cores and a lack of them after Shadowkeep releases. The bounties are completed really quickly. Get them done, daily.

Anticipate Weapon Tuning

When Shadowkeep releases, we can probably expect a few things and these are my guesses:

  • Grenade launchers will see a little bit of a nerf; Mountaintop probably a slight additional nerf.
  • SMG’s a slight buff; Recluse slightly nerfed.
  • High Impact Fusions nerfed.
  • Scout Rifles buffed.
  • Auto rifles slightly buffed.

What does this mean? It means don’t instantly dismantle scout rifles without looking at the roll. If you get a good roll, be it a PvE or PvP roll, toss it in the vault and wait and see what happens.

We will hopefully hear more about sandbox changes within a month and if we do I’ll be sure to update this bit, but for now the point of this section is just to get you to be aware that some things might be buffed and hold on to weapons you think have has a roll that would be good to use in PvE and/or PvP.

Stockpile Planetary Materials, And Spend Some

Tribute Hall hit a bunch of players that weren’t well stocked hard.

Here’s what I recommend doing between now and Shadowkeep releases.

Go to Spider, and purchase 1,000 of each planetary material when he’s selling them at 5 for 1 Shard. The only exception here is don’t buy Dusklight Shards or Mircophasic Datalattice.

The reason you don’t want to buy Dusklight or Datalattice is because you can drop your power level down as low as you can get, and then queue up for a Forge on the EDZ or Nessus and then just let the game run while you sleep, work, go to school, watch TV, or do anything other than play the game.

You’ll only be matched with other AFK players doing the same farm, so it’s a no harm, no foul farming method. You won’t get kicked for inactivity, so you’ll just stay in the loop until you return to your system and choose to end it. You’ll be getting four of the planet’s material with each run.

If you need lower power gear, Hawthorne sells a weapon and three pieces of armor that are 200 power. Likewise, the vendors of the year one destinations also sell gear that is power level 340. Farm away.

Once you have a base of a minimum of 1,000 for each material, put them in your vault and leave them alone. That’s your stash to start Shadowkeep with.

Continue farming materials to turn in to the vendors for gear to dismantle for Legendary Shards. If you have a decent stack of Shards, like say a couple thousand, purchase Simulation Seeds when Spider is selling them and then go turn them in to Brother Vance. You’ll get a lot of shards back from dismantling the weapons and armor, plus the shader’s, and you’ll likely pick up quite a few Enhancement Cores this way too.

If you’re doing stuff on the planets, pick up easy bounties to get 10 of materials for each bounty (that’s 30 per character per day if you do all three of the bounties). These are easy bounties, like complete two patrols or get 10 precision kills.

If you’re one of the lucky ones, like my Warlock, who has a glitched Oracle offering permanently in your Pursuits tab, be sure to take advantage of it. Fire up Netflix, and then on a low or medium curse weak, repeatedly offer up the oracle and open the chest while watching some TV. This is a great Legendary Shard farm, plus you’ll get a decent amount of Enchancement Cores and Finest Matterweave. It’s also a great way to farm for a god roll Retold Tale that doesn’t actually involve you doing anything.

The TLDR Recap

  • Do Vanguard/Crucible bounties, run boons… stockpile all your Tokens.
  • Dismantle every Y1 armor piece, weapons you don’t care about, and all Eververse item except for a Guiding Light or Treasure Hunter ghost.
  • Do Eververse bounties for the Bright Dust.
  • Do the Gunsmiths bounties every day on every character.
  • Keep an eye on the rolls of weapon types that aren’t used much, and store any potentially good rolls in your vault in case of a buff.
  • Get a base miniumn of 1,000 of each planetary material and vault them.
  • AFK farm a Forge on EDZ and Nessus for Dusklight Shards and Datalattice to turn in to vendor for Legendary Shards and Weapon Parts.
  • Purchase Simulation Seeds to turn in to Brother Vance for Legendary Shards and Enhancement Cores.

And that’s the two month out prep guide.  We’ll likely have a smaller guide going over some different items a week or two before Shadowkeep releases. But for now, make sure you do these. The idea here is to build up a sizeable war chest of materials.

Come September 17th, you should have more than enough of every material to insure that you have no worries economy wise for quite sometime.

Remember, your 1,000 of each planetary material goes to your Vault and you don’t touch it. That’s purely for infusing/upgrading gear you get after Shadowkeep drops. Doing the rest of the stuff should easily net you a few thousand Legendary Shards and well over 500 Enhancement Cores.

Got something you’re doing to prep that we didn’t mention, or a tip you’d like to share with us and the rest of the readers? Drop a comment below and let us know what you’re doing to prep.

And if you need a clan, Valguard, the official clan of is currently in open membership:


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