Destiny 2 Update 2.6.1 Patch Notes

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Update 2.6.1 has actually rolled out for Destiny 2 throughout all systems. Here are complete patch notes, courtesy of

Event of the Lost

2018 Masks

  • Proprietors of 2018 Event of the Lost masks automatically get the connected ornaments to be utilized on the 2019 Event of the Lost safety helmet

Battle Equipments


For programmer commentary, please see the This Week at Bungie –– 10/17/2019 blog post.

Striker—– Code of the Juggernaut (Base Path)


  • Minimized amount returned feasible per kill from 15% to 13% (before decreasing returns)
  • Reduced the reduced end of the reducing returns from 5% to 3.25%
  • Altered the kills for the lessening returns by splitting them out in between players and contenders
    • Was formerly 15 kills; is now 14 combatant kills or 7 opposing Guardian eliminates (opposing Guardians matter 2x towards lessening returns)
  • Tuned the quantity of Super energy returned per kill
  • Price of Light strike in Super raised by 50% from 2% to 3%
  • Regeneration on kill no longer procs on Super eliminates

Dawnblade—– Attunement of Flame (Base Course)

Long lasting Fires:

  • Raised the reduced end of the decreasing returns from 0.75% to 0.95%
  • Altered the eliminates for the reducing returns by splitting them out in between gamers and contenders
    • Formerly it was 30 eliminates. Now it is 21 fighter eliminates or 7 opposing Guardian eliminates (opposing Guardians count 3x towards lessening returns)
  • Tuned the quantity of Super energy returned per kill (taken care of differently than Striker as this strike is an AoE)

Sentinel—– Code of the Guard (Top Course)

Ward of Dawn:

  • Armor of Light timer currently associates with the life of the Ward of Dawn
  • Particle FX relocate much more rapidly towards the end of the Ward of Dawn’& rsquo; s life Nightstalker—– Way of the Wraith (Center Course)

    Shattering Strike:

    • Smashing Strike lasts the correct 9 secs once again
    • Taken care of an insect in which Ruining Strike activation home window was reduced to 3 seconds along with Truesight

    Shoulder Cost

    We’& rsquo; ve got rid of a bug that allowed gamers to fire quickly prior to triggering shoulder charge, which allowed gamers to apply the 1–– 2 Punch damage aficionado to take on cost.


    • Exotics.
      • Jötunn.
        • Taken care of an issue that triggered this weapon to influence several times at close quarters
      • Divinity.
        • Increased the Weaken impact from 25% to 30%
        • KEEP IN MIND: The Weaken result from Judgment is not meant to pile with other Weaken impacts. This problem will be taken care of at a later day. The “& ldquo; cage & rdquo; will still appear and function as a precision powerlessness in these situations, however the multipliers themselves will certainly not pile.
      • Repaired an issue where Destiny 2 would certainly crash if this tool was incorporated with target-marking impacts such as Vengeance (One-Eyed Mask)
      • Deathbringer.
        • Repaired the reload timing on this weapon
        • NOTE: This also impacts other Rocket Launchers that share the exact same reload computer animation
    • Famous.
      • Adhortative.
        • Dealt with a concern that would trigger the leaves on this weapon to distort visually
      • Prophet of Ruin.
        • Taken care of a concern with the positioning of shells throughout the reload computer animation
      • Hush.
        • Repaired an insect that stopped Archer’& rsquo; s Gambit from turning on if the player manually un-draws their Bow and begins running at the same time


    • Sealed Ahamkara’& rsquo; s Understands currently have a short cooldown period between perk activations
    • Statistics and also Rewards.
      • Shield 2.0 mods that trigger on orb collection or utilizing your class ability currently no longer stack with their pre-Armor 2.0 versions
      • Pre-Armor 2.0 Exotics now have appropriate stat packages
      • Shield 1.0 Traction perk uses +5 Movement, in accordance with Shield 2.0 Traction mod



    • Blocking interaction with players in Heavy steam will certainly now block/mute gamers in Destiny 2
    • Added performance for/ addfriend and/ removefriend commands.
      • / addfriend [PlayerName]
      • / removefriend [PlayerName]
      • Note: Gamers should remain in among your rosters (fireteam, friends, or clan) in order to add/remove them as a buddy.
    • Included performance for/ welcome command.
      • / invite [PlayerName]
      • Keep in mind: Players have to remain in among your lineups (fireteam, friends, or clan) in order to invite them by gamer name.
      • / welcome [SteamID]
      • Note: You can welcome gamers by SteamID, no matter whether they’& rsquo; re in your roster or not.
    • Players can now/ invite as well as/ sign up with one more player regardless of their Steam on the internet condition (online, unseen, or offline)
    • / assistance summary updated to reflect brand-new modifications to commands



    • When an ornament has actually been applied to a weapon or shield thing, its symbol will certainly now update to mirror the currently geared up accessory
    • Universal accessory plans that have actually been acquired but closed now appropriately suggest they are possessed in the Eververse shop

    Period Pass

    • The Vow’& rsquo; s driver quest step now effectively recommendations “& ldquo; strike playlists & rdquo; as opposed to the erroneous &
    • ldquo; strike tasks & rdquo; The Period Pass incentive Stimulant quest increase omega currently appropriately explains is progression velocity as “& ldquo; quadruples & rdquo; rather than the wrong “& ldquo;
    • triples & rdquo; The Exotic ship Never ever Live It Down now properly shows its name in the lore tab title section

    Power and also Development

    • Exotic quest “& ldquo; Symphony of Death” & rdquo; honors a lot more XP than meant; set this to be the like various other Unique missions “Exotic mission & ldquo; Make Bows, Not War & rdquo; awards extra XP than planned; established this to be the same as various other Unique pursuits Raised the Power of gear granted by “& ldquo; Invites of the Nine” & rdquo; bounties & ldquo; Into the Unidentified & rdquo; to be

    powerful Headache Pursues

    • Enhanced the damages multiplier approved by Unstable Essence at trouble levels Hero, Tale, and also Master
    • Changed Unpredictable Essence to be dramatically a lot more reliable versus Problems than Problem Bosses
    • The Swordbearer Headache’& rsquo; s Sword in Headache Search: Despair currently drains pipes half as rapid once a gamer outfits it
    • Navigating waypoint included in Nightmare Hunt: Yoke to aid guide gamers better towards the last experience
    • Hunts now have still security; idle gamers will certainly not receive rewards


    • Yard of Salvation.
      • Experience rewards are currently supplied as engrams as opposed to directly provided in the loot feed
      • Fixed an exploit where Cyclopes could be knocked off of their towers in the last encounter
      • Boosted the radius for Relay Protector and also Improved Relay Defender mods
      • Taken care of a concern where music would certainly not begin appropriately when gamers get in the final manager sector
      • Repaired a concern where Consecrated Mind can knock right into wall surfaces throughout DPS
      • Repaired an issue where geometry in the last encounter space can show up entirely black when being gotten rid of or recreated
      • Fixed an issue where weekly difficulty incentives could be re-earned repetitively by removing and also developing brand-new characters
    • Last Wish.
      • Pupil Guide and Journeyman Overview symbol variants will appear in collections after players uncover them.


    • Moon.
      • Repaired a problem where the very first Shadowkeep campaign quest step “& ldquo; Looking for Solutions” & rdquo; can go to Postmaster if player’& rsquo; s pursuits inventory
      • was full Impacted gamers can currently recoup the Shadowkeep campaign mission from Eris in the “& ldquo; Deserted Quests” & rdquo;
      • “section & ldquo; Significance of” Vanity & rdquo; pursuit now shows variety of Sniper Rifle kills needed for conclusion; it will now display development out of 25 instead of simply progression
      • Lost Ghost Traces will no longer go down after all Dead Ghosts have actually been located; extra Traces will be removed from stock when the last Dead Ghost is discovered
      • Fixed a problem in which making use of the Firewall program Information Fragment in the K1 Revelation Lost Market didn’& rsquo; t have a possibility of offering a Cleansed Essence after three weeks of conclusions
      • Repaired an issue where Cross Save-enabled players could turn in a washed Essence to the Lectern of Delight as well as receive no benefits
      • If playing on a system on which you don’& rsquo; t own Shadowkeep, the Lectern will certainly no more reveal the Essence incentive screen
      • To obtain the incentive, visit to the platform on which you own Shadowkeep as well as see the Lectern
      • Repaired an issue where everyday bounties for both Eris and the Lectern of Delight were revolving regular instead of daily
      • Dealt with a concern where the Moon bounty “& ldquo; Tidal Lock & rdquo; would certainly progress just in Nightmare Pursues; it will currently progress anywhere on the Moon
      • Phantasmal Core stack cap raised from 3 to 999
      • Triumph “& ldquo; Lore of Luna & rdquo; now advances when scan patrols are finished in Sadness’& rsquo; s
      • Harbor. Gotten rid of empty, inaccessible web page from lore book “& ldquo;
      • Introduction & rdquo; Repaired a problem where players that completed their rabbit collection faster than expected weren’& rsquo; t granted with the & ldquo; Lunar Grief & rdquo
      • ; shader On login, impacted players will have a pile of 5 of this shader in their stock as well as unlocked in Collections
    • Black Armory (Misc).
      • Missions for Gofannon and Izanami builds still fed on veteran characters that were on actions that can not be proceeded; those steps have been gotten rid of from the gamers supplies
      • Dealt with an issue where players might not acquire nor complete the Secret Mold quest for Izanagi’& rsquo;
      • s Problem The Lock as well as Trick (Mysterious Box) mission can be abandoned; gamers can reacquire the abandoned quest at Ada-1
      • The “& ldquo; Harvest & rdquo; bounty will now advance when collecting Helium Filaments
    • Fantasizing City.
      • Well Balanced Awoken Talisman has actually been eliminated from professional players’ & rsquo; supplies; it is no longer required to gain access to Fantasizing City/Shattered Throne/Wish Ender pursuit
      • Taken care of a bug that allowed gamers to loot the Orrery upper body an unrestricted number of times
    • Smashed Throne.
      • Fixed a problem where, upon beating Dul Incaru at the end of Shattered Throne, players could go back to orbit and also have a checkpoint for the activity; defeating the one in charge will currently immediately finish the activity and award credit report
    • Nessus.
      • Exodus Black world mission turn-in step can be recuperated from Failsafe if gamers abandon it
    • Mars as well as Mercury.
      • Heroic journeys will now be available on their respective locations when Mars or Mercury are included as a Flashpoint
    • EDZ.
      • Fixed a concern where the “& ldquo; Enhance & rdquo; pursuit was no more available Numeration Dealt with

      an issue where Warlocks that wagered Weak Motes in Numeration were inaccurately being compensated Titan equipment Raised stack size of Gambit Prime Synths to 999 Crucible Dealt with a manipulate in Countdown that enabled the safeguarding group to

    secure free victories by

    • continuously swapping equipment in between rounds Dealt with a problem that stopped some gamers from earning the Silimar & rsquo; s Layout Iron Banner Triumph
    • ; the Triumph will be granted retroactively to any type of gamers that encountered this concern Suppliers Benedict 99-40. Gotten rid of initial Supplier Obstacle from Benedict 99-40 Ada-1. Gotten rid of difficulty from Black Depot Forge unlock quest Weekly Black Armory
      • bounties currently honor Black Depot shield pieces Yuna( IGR Only). Yuna & rsquo; s inventory is
    • now updated to
    • vend Armor 2.0 versions of Unique armor Eris as well as Rune Table. Daily bounties will now turn daily, rather than regular General Taken care of a concern where
  • Gyro Ghost Shell & rsquo; s rings would certainly animate incorrectly when summoned Increased idle securities across
  • many PvE playlists
    • . Play the game, obtain rewards Seriously, simply play the game Don & rsquo;
  • t leave your group hanging It & rsquo; s not very nice The Traitor & rsquo; s Destiny sword is no more noted as & ldquo; Needs

  • Special Product & rdquo; and also can be effectively outfitted Tradition Tabs Added Lore Tabs for the complying with Shadowkeep
  • benefits:. Epic Garden of Salvation incentives. 15 one-of-a-kind lore tabs Divinity Monte Carlo
  • Deathbringer Leviathan & rsquo; s
  • Breath Eriana & rsquo; s Vow Assassin & rsquo; s “Cowl Phoenix az Cradle Stormdancer & rsquo; s Dental braces Never ever Live It Down
  • Tasks Crucible

  • Control. Heavy Ammunition first generate changed to one minute( was 45 secs
  • ) Iron Banner Control. Hefty Ammunition initial generate transformed to one minute( was 45 seconds
  • ) Heavy Ammunition extra spawning changed
  • to every 120 secs
  • ( was every’one minute) Survival. Hefty’Ammo preliminary
  • spawn changed to 60 seconds( was 30 seconds) Decreased the quantity of Hefty Ammunition’given
  • to match Removal
  • as well as 6v6 settings UI Solutions Ease of access Added ease of access alternatives for captions, which are readily available during account production and the Setups display. The options add the capacity for players to transform the typeface dimension, font shade, caption history design, and subtitle background
  • opacity Included the constant tabbing when tabbing previous each end of the Director Restructured several of the
  • Setups on
    • PC to far better arrange where specific options are sorted Changed the text
    • opacity for the menu navigating bar to boost exposure with particular symbol styles General

    Forsaken subclasses will show the
    • correct Super symbol in the PvP HUD; all Sentinal and Arcstrider subdivisions still utilize the same Super icon for each and every of their three subdivisions
    • ; these Supers will certainly have brand-new symbols. Thundercrash Burning Maul Blade Battery Spooky Blades Nova Warp Well of Brilliance Turmoil Get to Dealt with a concern that increased packing times for
    • equipment preview while in space flight Included securities against extreme strobe results that can be experienced if the player & rsquo; s health is near the guard break limit and also the gamer
    • has a damage-over-time effect as well as a recovery effect energetic at the same time Repaired a concern where the web page pips

    in the Quest tab would certainly end up being highlighted when selecting on the screen Fixed a concern where the Strike node on the Moon map would disappoint a breadcrumb symbol during the Shadowkeep project Repaired an issue where icons on the Season Pass would certainly pack at different

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