Bungie Details Changes To Armor Mods Coming in Beyond Light

In the most up to date This Week At Bungie, the studio described some adjustments that are coming to armor mods in Beyond Light.

Shield mods are made use of to elevate your reload rates, ability regen, as well as more to higher degrees. In November, some of the mods you generally use are being tuned. Some mods will be rubbed, while others will be gotten rid of entirely. Below, we’& rsquo; re going to dive into a patch note sneak peek of kinds, with fragments of designer discourse from the advancement team throughout.

Power Kind Requirements

  • Every one of the weapon-oriented shield mods (i.e. Hand Cannon Loader, Fusion Rifle Ammunition Finder, and so on) have actually been changed to be Any Power Kind.
    • As a result of the above change, all Arc Charged with Light mods currently trigger their second perk if you have any kind of various other Arc mod furnished on the very same shield piece, OR if you have any other Arc Billed with Light mod socketed in any kind of various other armor item you are putting on.

Programmer Discourse: Getting rid of the energy kind requirements from weapon-focused mods has been a consistent item of neighborhood feedback given that Armor 2.0 launched. However, doing so indicated that every mod outlet would be presenting three times as numerous mods each time, which would certainly end up being cumbersome.

Boosted Mod Rebalancing

  • All mods that have actually an Enhanced variation of that mod (i.e. Improved Hand Cannon Loader) have had the base mods’ & rsquo; efficiency raised to match that of the Boosted variation of the mod.
    • As a result, those Boosted mods have actually been deprecated, as well as the base mods’ & rsquo; power prices have been readjusted upward slightly (yet are still less than the equivalent Improved mods).
  • Some mods have relocated to various slots to develop more competition for mod outlets throughout armor pieces (as an example, the Fast All set mods have relocated to the Arms outlet).

Designer Discourse: We consistently see feedback that gamers typically put on’& rsquo; t start feeling the influence of mods up until they have a Boosted mod, or 2 non-Enhanced mods, socketed. So, to resolve both problems, we made a decision to elevate the flooring on the performance of all mods to the factor where gamers were more likely to feel their influence, and to deprecate both rates of mods. This ought to additionally make having two different mods in the very same group (say, Hand Cannon Loader and also Shotgun Loader) socketed at the same time extra enticing than it was previously, where players commonly needed to double-stack the exact same mod to seem like they are getting any type of advantage.

Fundamentally, we are making Boosted mods less costly as well as extra easily accessible, and deprecating the lower mods.

Raid Mods

  • Starting in Period 12, the Last Dream, Yard of Redemption, and also the upcoming Beyond Light raid armors will currently go down with a fifth, dedicated armor mod outlet that is specifically for the mods connected to that raid.
    • Last Desire and Yard of Redemption armor got prior to Season 12 will certainly not have this dedicated shield socket, but will still have the ability to utilize the mods related to that raid in the new Heritage armor mod outlet.
  • Anti-Taken mods from Last Desire will only function in the Last Dream raid.
  • Anti-Hive mods from the Leviathan Raid will be deprecated.
  • Anti-Fallen raid mods from Scourge of the Past will certainly be deprecated.

Designer Commentary: The choice to offer the raid armors a 5th mod outlet, dedicated entirely to its raid mods, need to not only make the raid armors a more valuable benefit, however also need to make up for the restriction on the usage of these raid mods with the capability to utilize that shield to craft your construct both in and also out of the raid.

Relating to the deprecation of the anti-Hive and also anti-Fallen mods, as well as the constraint of the anti-Taken mods to Last Dream, this is something that we’& rsquo; ve had our eye on for some time. We consistently obtain responses that faction-specific mods are very out of balance outside of the content they were planned to work in (in this case, the raids, which are being moved right into the DCV). Because these serve with any kind of instance of a contender race, task designers and sandbox designers were constantly needing to understand exactly how these mods would influence the play of those tasks. They have confirmed to be problematic in Gambit (creating a clear divide between the Haves and the Have-Nots) as well as have actually significantly lowered the difficulty of dungeons.

With the raids that gave the resource for these mods entering into the DCV gives, we have the opportunity to with dignity eliminate these mods and their long-reaching consequences. Last Dream, which was designed and also stabilized with its anti-Taken mods in mind, will remain a component of the video game and continue to award players with its mods. Nevertheless, to prevent those far-reaching consequences pointed out over, we are aligning those mods with the various other raid mods and making them function just in the raid that they drop from. We’& rsquo; ve had a positive response to the more mechanic-focused mods from Yard of Redemption, and future raids will certainly have mods extra like those.

Battle Mods

  • All shield launched in Beyond Light as well as Season 12, all Last Wish and also Yard of Salvation armor acquired beginning in Period 12, as well as all Armor 2.0 Exotic shield pieces (consisting of those already possessed by gamers) will certainly have a Battle style mod socket. In Season 12, this socket will approve all Charged with Light and also Warmind Cell mods.
  • All Shield 2.0 shield acquired during Seasons 8-11 have actually had their Seasonal mod sockets changed with a single, unified Tradition mod socket that can socket all Billed with Light mods, all Warmind Cell mods, all Problem Quest mods, all Garden of Salvation mods, as well as all Last Desire mods.


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