Destiny 2 Update 3.1.1 Patch Notes

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Bungie has actually deployed Update 3.1.1 to Destiny 2 across all systems. Complete spot notes listed below:



  • Fixed an issue in Trials of Osiris where the I Am Invincible medal was appearing for all players when one player earned it.
    • The medal wasn’& rsquo; t actually awarded to the players who didn’& rsquo; t make it, they just inaccurately got the UI popup as if it had actually been.
  • Dealt with a concern where limited players were incorrectly not able to accessibility Crucible and also Gambit exclusive suits.
  • Fixed an issue where there was no audio cue having fun when an enemy player was restored in a Tests match.


  • Fixed an issue on Exodus Garden 2A where gamers might miss the very first barrier by heading out of environment.

Dreaming City

  • Fixed an issue where area chest icons would remain on the map after locating the upper body.

Battlefield: Footing

  • Repaired a dropship problem that was causing some poor performance.
    • This should a little improve efficiency during the boss experience when the dropships get here.

Battleground: Leviathan

  • Made key product names much more regular during the activity.
  • Fixed a problem where the closing dialog would run longer than the finishing timer of the task.

General Battlegrounds Takes Care Of

  • Player positioning is secured during Homage Chest bang computer animations. Must reduce the probability of eliminating teammates while opening up Breasts.
  • Repaired an issue where unpredictable cells would noticeably clip into the players arm.


  • Fallen S.A.B.E.R.:
    • Fixed an issue where the strike Boss would certainly not spawn until all players lived and present.
    • Enhanced objective waypoint actions.
    • Repaired some grammatical errors in player-directive text.
    • Fixed an issue where Zavala’& rsquo; s dialog in the initial area could play multiple times.
    • Fixed an insect where a Fallen power guard can be seen sticking out of a wall surface.
  • Adversary’& rsquo;
    • s Lair: Sepiks Prime currently has an Employer health bar.
    • Dealt with some floating environment objects.
    • Dealt with a concern where some beast spawn factors looked like accessible doorways to gamers.
    • Fixed a concern where an Overload Captain might spawn with the wrong name.
    • Fixed a problem where the Fallen Walker and Fallen Brigs can respawn after they were beat.
    • Taken care of a concern where physics was missing from a wall early in the strike, allowing players to get lost of setting.

Last Desire

  • Dealt with a pest where players that passed away after banging the Heart might consistently spawn beyond the area and also pass away.
  • Repaired an issue where Creeping Darkness wouldn’& rsquo; t kill players

. Garden of Redemption

  • Dealt with a problem where Tether Hubs can approve tethers when protected.

Gameplay and also Financial investment


  • Upgraded description strings for Murmur of Torment and Murmur Fractures fragments.
  • Replaced “& ldquo; combatants & rdquo; with & ldquo; targets & rdquo; to clear up that these fragments are applicable in both PvE as well as PvP activities.


  • Fixed an issue with the Linear Actuators perk for Dunemarchers was not activating properly.
  • The perk currently behaves as anticipated, causing on each/subsequent melee strike after an ideal quantity of sprint time.
  • Typeface of May no longer presents a generic “& ldquo; Damages Boost & rdquo; string when its benefit is active.
  • Fixed a bug where Mantle of Fight Harmony and also Omnioculus were not displaying their taste text.
  • Omioculus likewise no longer gives melee energy when making only on your own invisible under some circumstances.
  • Cuirass of the Falling Celebrity no longer gives an Overshield when used with Supers apart from Thundercrash.


  • Taken care of a concern where flavor message wasn’& rsquo; t appearing for numerous Seasonal weapons.
  • Included roll throughout of the reload for Dead Guy’& rsquo
  • ; s Tale. Adjusted Riskrunner perk VFX that were creating epileptic concerns.
  • Lowered Arbalest’& rsquo; s intend help, making it tougher to strike headshots in Crucible.
  • Set the Frenzy and also Cranial Spike advantages to use the appropriate enthusiast symbols.
  • Taken care of the missing out on kill feed symbol on Ticuu’& rsquo; s Divination.

Bounties as well as Quests

  • On the Offensive New Light Pursuit:
    • Fixed a concern where the message in step 2 of 4 still referenced regular bounties.
    • Rebalanced action 2 to ensure that everyday bounties grant the most effective progress.
  • Battlefields:
    • Gamers will certainly currently be refunded Cabal Gold when switching Opposition Medallions.


  • Dealt with a problem where finishing the Forfeit Temple Predecessor Difficulty promptly wouldn’& rsquo; t give the Accomplishment for finishing it swiftly.
  • Fixed a problem where completing the Agonarch Abyss Ascendant Challenge wouldn’& rsquo; t grant the Triumph for conclusion. Fixed an issue where finishing the Ouroborea Ascendant Obstacle wouldn’& rsquo; t grant the Triumph for conclusion.
  • Taken care of a concern where Paradii, the Vigilant and Bakken, the Unrelenting could fail to generate in the Blind Well location, obstructing completion of the Double Problem Victory.

Systems as well as Solutions

  • Added fast launch Task Cards for PlayStation 5.
  • Dealt with and concern where some individuals were missing out on close friends or clan participants in their lineup on PlayStation 5.


  • Fixed an issue where players would see inaccurate spaceflight transitions when introducing specific maps throughout Iron Banner or Trials of Osiris.
  • Taken care of a problem where players with their Ghost out while checking an item will instead summon their Sparrow.
  • Taken care of an issue where gamers had the ability to pack 12 people right into task that plainly couldn’& rsquo; t take care of the may of that many Guardians.
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