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Match 3 video games have been preferred for over a decade now many thanks to their addictive simpleness and also inevitably their obstacle. These kinds of games can be found in a couple of various tastes; some require you to switch over surrounding pieces to match 3 of a color or kind (like the Legend series) and also others require you to release a colored item at moving objects to match three or even more of a color (like Zuma). Glimmer 2 remains in that Zuma group.

Glimmer 2 initially launched almost a year ago for iphone and also Android smart phones and also tablets, and also it made its method to PS4 and PS Vita today (it’& rsquo; s cross-buy also, so perfect for proprietors of both platforms). As I do not have a Vita, this review squarely concentrates on the PS4 variation which is a little more difficult than other versions because it isn’& rsquo; t touch based(you can use the touchpad to goal, although I discovered that tougher than the thumbstick).

There’& rsquo; s a sense of a story below, but I can’& rsquo; t claim I followed it or even took care of it. You & rsquo; re primarily functioning your method through levels, where each level stands for a day, on a journey through some strange land. Periodically, you’& rsquo; ll come across a setup that’& rsquo; ll trigger a tale scene and also award you a secret prior to opening up a various course. Does any individual treatment? I wear’& rsquo; t think so. Shimmer 2 is timeless marble shooting. Your objective is straightforward: release a colored marble/orb at a relocating and also expanding line of marbles to attempt to and also match 3 or even more of the exact same shade, pare the lines down, and also avoid those marbles from entering an opening in the ground.

As is constantly the situation with this sort of video game, the very first degrees are simple as abc. Yet as you play however, you start getting involved in areas where the problem increases substantially. There’& rsquo; ll be 4 different rows of marbles each moving in the direction of their own opening, and quickly rates. It makes it more challenging to throw away an ineffective marble and also tougher to watch on everything. Poor reflexes or a small mistake on your aiming can doom you during this tough degrees.

The good news is, there are a variety of power-ups and magics to attempt as well as help you out. Oftentimes you can be on the verge of catastrophe when you get a power-up that truly aids you enormously as well as conserves the ready you; making the other marbles go backwards, power shots that eliminates a section of the rows, orbs that can be utilized to attach different colors with each other, one that will change a big section of orbs to one shade, and so on. Of course occasionally you can’& rsquo; t hit a power up, and also if you try as well as aren & rsquo; t fast enough you & rsquo; ll simply wind up placing a marble where you didn’& rsquo; t desire one (such as a red in between two blues).

There are over 90 levels, but in reality they aren’& rsquo; t all & ldquo; unique & rdquo; as claimed. Some levels repeat, with the only distinction being a lot more rows and a more difficult problem. Playing through game additionally opens additional mods, like Survival and Difficulty, as well as these deal a little bit more replay. My favorite of these is Survival, which is an endless quantity of orbs coming as well as you have to last as long as you can prior to they eventually go into the hole. You obtain star ratings for your performance, and the celebrities are utilized to open additional phases.

Something I must state concerning the game is that it has some excellent music. Yes, there’& rsquo; s only a couple of items, however it is nonetheless terrific. The music that plays when marbles are getting near going into the opening is fantastic as well as advised me, in a great deal of methods, of songs that plays during a God of Dry run.

Graphically, it looks wonderful. The marbles all pop and everything. It’& rsquo; s an easy video game so’it isn & rsquo; t graphically extensive, but it made the jump from phones to the cinema really well and does efficiently.

Glimmer 2 expense $7.99, which is an affordable cost particularly given that it is cross-buy. There’& rsquo; s a demo available, so if you have any kind of interest whatsoever make sure and take it for a spin and determine if you want to spend the $8 on the game. If you like suit three games, as well as I do, then this is a no-brainer acquisition. It doesn’& rsquo; t do anything special, however it is one of those games where you can say “& ldquo; another degree & rdquo; as well as wind up sinking way more time than you prepared for right into it.

Glimmer 2 gets a three out of 5: GOOD.

* A duplicate of this game was supplied by the publisher for review.


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