Rainbow Moon (PS4) Review

SideQuest Studios’ & rsquo; wonderful RPG Rainbow Moon released on PS4 a couple of weeks ago. I initially reviewed this game back in 2012 when it released for PS3. As such, I’& rsquo; m reposting that evaluation for the PS4 version. This is launch is simply Rainbow Moon on PS4. There’& rsquo; s very little different, it’& rsquo; s the exact same

video game. Having stated that, it was the ideal time to re-release the game on PS4. The sequel, Rainbow Skies, is still set up to release on PS4 this year, and also Rainbow Moon is a relatively large video game. So currently’& rsquo; s the perfect time to casually play through it once more (or go hardcore on it for the first time), while waiting for the excellent looking follow up to come out.

If you never ever navigated to the video game on PS3, or even when it launched on PS Vita, and also are into old-school design RPG’& rsquo; s, after that you ought to most absolutely choose it up on PS4 currently.’It & rsquo; s still a wonderful video game that begins slow-moving but truly grabs as you spend even more time into it.

So the suggestion is to get it if you lost out on it or just intend to play through it once more. The original review follows below.

Rainbow Moon is a real old-school RPG experience, which indicates there’& rsquo; s a big portion of older fans that matured with this style of video game that will certainly enjoy it as well as a more youthful target market that would certainly be more probable to despise it. There’& rsquo; s very little happy medium right here; you either similar to this style of video game or you hate it. I like it, and also it’& rsquo; s a rarity to see in this day as well as age. So what sort of video game design is it specifically? Well a huge section of it is compulsive grinding. In the beginning, this can be instead tiresome and also maybe a little boring. You’& rsquo; re running around an island that looks great and contains vivid shades, yet actually winds up being hard to browse. The adversaries will be very easy and will award very little XP, however you’& rsquo; ll hit degree five within the initial 2 hours.

For me, that’& rsquo; s where the obstacle was hit and also the demand for continuous grinding started. Just running around waiting for the possibility to take part in a random experience, a lot of the moment for very little XP. Striking that 350 XP objective to level approximately 6 can feel like an infinity, and to really feel truly risk-free in the burglars guild, you’& rsquo; ll wish to be level 7. Grind and also you’& rsquo; ll arrive, ultimately. That, to me’, becomes part of’the video game & rsquo; s appeal. It & rsquo; s not concerning holding your hand and throwing large quantities of XP at you to make points easier. If the higher degree baddies are kicking your butt, get to work on grinding all the arbitrary encounters you can and level up and also go take them out. This is traditional JRPG design & hellip; grinding is a requirement.

The last game I played that resembles Rainbow Moon was Final Fantasy V previously this year, as well as indeed very early Final Fantasy followers (to say nothing of other classic JRPG franchises) need to both love this as well as really feel appropriate at residence with it. SideQuest Studios has actually done a truly wonderful job of mixing traditional beauty as well as style with gorgeous visuals and access for anybody not put off by the requirement to grind.

As an RPG, there is a lengthy tale here where it’& rsquo;d probably take lots of people at the very least 50 or so hours to full (and also there’& rsquo; s well over 100 hours worth of web content right here for those who want to see as well as do everything, there’& rsquo; s also a trophy for playing the video game 100 hours). And also no, I place & rsquo; t completed the main pursuit & hellip; I’& rsquo; m not even half method close as well as won’& rsquo; t be for rather a long time. Now the tale is mainly unimportant, which holds true for a lot of JRPG’& rsquo; s. You & rsquo; re a hero/adventurer, something poor happened, as well as currently you & rsquo; re battling your way with a countless supply of monsters.

Given that the requirement to grind is so common, you’& rsquo; re mosting likely to invest the frustrating bulk of your time in combat. The combat is where the game shifts from being a totally old school JRPG experience to also being a pretty good strategy video game. Yes, Rainbow Moon has typical turn-based battle, yet this combat occurs on a grid. You’& rsquo; ll need to relocate your personalities around the grid as well as you can assault adversaries who are depending on a square beside you (that can transform later on with skills as well as varied weapons).

Regardless of being grid based, and the fact that there can be a great deal of enemies on the battleground, combat in fact passes rather fast. Some individuals might see words “& ldquo; approach & rdquo; and also obtain frightened, yet the video game actually does an actually excellent task of discussing battle and introducing brand-new ideas and techniques, so it’& rsquo; s general rather obtainable to both the hardcore RPG gamer and also a casual brand-new player.

The fight truly ends up being the best component of the video game, which is good because that’& rsquo; s what you & rsquo; re mosting likely to invest the vast bulk of your time doing. The battles never ever seem cheap; if you’& rsquo; re beat in battle it’& rsquo; s mosting likely to be rather clear why. Adversaries on the map have their degree displayed above their heads, so you’& rsquo; ll know exactly what to anticipate before selecting to involve them. You can beat an adversary a number of levels more than you, however that does call for method and additionally taking into consideration the number of enemies their are. If you’& rsquo; re level six, it & rsquo; s easier to defeat a level eight Earth Golem and a Route Rogue than it is to beat two Planet Golem’& rsquo; s, Two Thieves, and Four Would-be Heroes.

With every fight, unless you get away or the enemies flee, you’& rsquo; ll make XP. The even more opponents in a fight and the tougher the challengers, the extra XP you’& rsquo; ll earn. In the starting’it & rsquo; s sluggish going, but by the time you struck level 10 you’& rsquo; ll find that you can easily deal with or at least hang with even more effective enemies, and also as a result you’& rsquo; ll be making a great deal of XP. Each personality that kills an opponent will additionally obtain Rainbow Pearls, and these are what you’& rsquo; ll usage at Savant & rsquo; s to upgrade your personality(rise Stamina, Protection, Rate, Luck, Health And Wellness, and Magic). As such, you’& rsquo; ll wish to make certain you & rsquo; re not allowing one character obtain all the eliminates as everybody needs their very own Rainbow Pearls (personalities in fight earn the same quantity of XP).

All this battling and level grinding will certainly take its toll on both your personalities health and wellness and also magic points. Fortunately, you’& rsquo; ll locate plenty of bags, upper bodies, and also arbitrary products that contain health and wellness remedies, natural herbs, food, and also even more notably Rainbow Coins. Rainbow Coins are the games currency, as well as with them you’& rsquo; ll be able to lease a raft, remain at an Inn, buy brand-new devices (potions, armor, weapons, magic, abilities, and so on), and check out a Healer. I’& rsquo; ve spent a great deal of Rainbow Coins at the healer restoring my wellness as well as my magic, and also sometimes having to revitalize dropped companions.

At first, Rainbow Coins aren’& rsquo; t in abundance. You’& rsquo; ll find small amounts occasionally, and opponents in battles will certainly go down a little after you eliminate them, however you’& rsquo; ll swiftly be burning with them at a healer. As you progress however and also obtain more powerful, the Rainbow Coins come to be much more common and also it isn’& rsquo; t tough to conserve up some. If you enter a bind and require some, you can likewise offer items to shops (anything from old weapons to arbitrary things you’& rsquo; ll find worldwide like lumber, ore, and also ruby’& rsquo;

s). The only genuine grievance I can level against Rainbow Moon is that there truly isn’& rsquo; t anything to the major tale to draw you in. The characters you play as and fulfill really have no growth (at the very least not any that I’& rsquo; ve seen thus far), and there’& rsquo; s no demand to care for the story. Yet what it lacks in story, it more than makes up for in the enjoyable element, which is truly one of the most crucial thing to me. I can play a really enjoyable game with a bad tale a whole lot quicker than I can a video game with a wonderful tale and also actually uninteresting and irritating gameplay.

There’& rsquo; s a great deal of appeal in Rainbow Moon, as well as indeed degree grinding can become addicting (a couple of even more fights can easily develop into a pair extra degrees). There’& rsquo; s also just a lot of things to do. The globe is substantial and open for expedition, as well as there are several side objectives.

Some may complain that the game never really advancements a lot from its initial fight, yet the number of games genuinely do? Fight will certainly open up as well as you’& rsquo; ll find out brand-new tactics and also new skills, yet in general it is mostly the exact same. The battle works though, so why tinker it?

For the trophy seekers, Rainbow Moon is sporting over 50 trophies consisting of a Platinum, which is a rarity for a PSN title. Bear in mind though that this isn’& rsquo; t a game that will be simple to Platinum, actually you’& rsquo; re mosting likely to need to be stressed with this video game. There’& rsquo; s a trophy for repeating 100 hrs (there’& rsquo; s definitely more content than that here), and a trophy for reaching degree 500. I don’& rsquo; t even want to see the person that makes it to level 500.

If you like traditional RPGs in the spirit of the early Last Fantasy video games, blended with the strategic aspects of something like Final Fantasy Methods, with a large globe as well as lots of dungeons to creep, you’& rsquo; ll love Rainbow Moon. It has that old-school charm as well as style that a lot of us matured on, mixed with some absolutely gorgeous bright HD visuals that makes video gaming today so much easier on the eyes.

I’& rsquo; ve really taken pleasure in nearly every minute I’& rsquo; ve spent with the video game and also have no doubt that I’& rsquo; m going to be pumping in a lot a lot more hrs into it. It & rsquo; s damaged a major impulse that was reignited previously this year when I played Last Fantasy V, and also it’& rsquo; s simply the sort of video game that’& rsquo; s addicting sufficient to keep me returning day-to-day (or at least weekly). If grinding isn’& rsquo; t your point after that you most likely won’& rsquo; t take pleasure in Rainbow Moon virtually as much as I do, however where I sit this isn’& rsquo; t just one of the best PSN games offered, it’& rsquo; s likewise among the most delightful video games released this year duration.

For $14.99, you’& rsquo;d be tough pressed to discover a quality game that offers even half the amount of material and also value that Rainbow Moon has. The video game has even more to supply than several $60 retail video games (it’& rsquo; s also much better than many $60 retail games). If you’& rsquo; re a PS4 owner who appreciates RPG’& rsquo; s, this is a no-brainer purchase completely. An absolute joy to have fun with extremely little defects.

Rainbow Moon gets a 4 out of five: GREAT.

* A duplicate of this video game was offered by the publisher for testimonial.


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