Anthem Update 1.1.0 Adds New Stronghold; Full Patch Notes

BioWare has actually launched Update 1.1.0 for Anthem throughout all systems. This upgrade adds a brand-new Stronghold, The Sunken Cell, for all players who have completed the primary story.

Here are the complete patch notes:

New Includes

  • The Sunken Cell fortress is now offered to all players that have actually completed the primary tale (crucial path).
  • Added the capacity to pick agreements from the beginning of expedition display rather than going to the specific agreement boards in Fort Tarsis or in the Release Bay.
  • Added the ability to release a brand-new goal from the end of expedition screen without having to go back to Ft Tarsis or the Release Bay.
  • Added the capability to access the Forge throughout Missions, Strongholds and Freeplay. You can currently alter your gear without needing to go back to Fort Tarsis or the Release Bay!

General Notes

  • Added added cortex entries to describe combo, detonator, and also primer abilities.
  • Added new Universal Masterwork Parts
    • Expanded Sniper Magazine: Includes specialized storage space for improved sniper rifle ammunition. Boosts damage by 30% of base damage. Rises maximum magazine size of sniper rifles by a big quantity.
    • Quick Hollow Information: Includes specific ammunition storage space for device guns and autocannons. Boosts damages by 30%. Rises weak point damage of maker guns and autocannons.
    • Extended Unique Arms Magazine: Includes specific ammo storage for hefty guns as well as grenade launchers. Rises damage by 30%. Increases maximum magazine size of hefty guns as well as grenade launchers by a large quantity.
  • Added primer/detonator icons in the cortex alongside gear entries.
  • Taken care of a bug where “& ldquo; Legendary Consultant & rdquo; Javelin obstacle purposes weren’& rsquo; t completing properly in the obstacle journal. Fixed an issue where players were being sat back to Ft Tarsis when packing into quickplay goals.
  • Taken care of a trouble where the “& ldquo; Arcanist Commitment 3″ & Prime; trophy could not given on Playstation 4.
  • Fixed an issue where notices for difficulties were not showing up properly.
  • Settled an issue where after respawning, you could be downed once again prior to re-loading back in totally.
  • Added STT (Speech-to-Text) as well as TTS (Text-to-Speech) on all platforms.


Masterwork Defense

  • Revenge of Garretus –– Trajector Machine Pistol
    • Increased incentive from 200% to 400%
  • Moving Carnage –– Revenge Shotgun
    • Increased benefit from 50% piling 3 times, to 83.33% piling 3 times.
  • The Last Stand –– Mauler Autocannon
    • Boosted reward from 200% to 225%
  • Fist of Stral –– Cloudburst Autocannon
    • Boosted benefit from 10% stacking 10 times, to 16% piling 10 times.
  • Never-ending Battle –– Pivot Device Handgun
    • Boosted bonus offer from 110% to 135%
  • Fatality From Above –– Guardian Marksman Rifle
    • Increased bonus offer from 65% to 235%
  • Wyvern Blitz –– Deadeye Sniper Rifle
    • Increased reward from 40% to 185%

Masterwork Gear

  • Colossus:
    • Final Judgment –– HE Mortar
      • Increased benefit from 35% to 55%
    • Fist of the Crucible –– Flamethrower
      • Raised benefit from 12% * 10 to 24% * 10
  • Interceptor
    • Serpent’& rsquo; s Veil– Venom Bomb
      • Boosted reward from 100% to 202.5%
    • Ruthless Stalker –– Searching Glaive
      • Boosted perk from 60% to 110%
    • Bitter Harvest –– Cluster Mine
      • Increased bonus offer from 60% to 110%
  • Ranger
    • Cold Blooded –– Frost Grenade
      • Enhanced perk from 235% to 270%
    • Avenger’& rsquo; s Advantage– Pulse Blast
      • Raised bonus from 210 % to 220%
  • Tornado
    • Consider Infinity –– Lightning Strike
      • Raised bonus offer from 60% to 165%
    • Chaotic Rime –– Frost Shards
      • Enhanced reward from 125% to 250%


  • Friendly gamer projectiles should now be able to go through Javelins in your team.
  • Colossus’ & rsquo; Firewall program Mortar should currently extra reliably spawn the Firewall program impact when straight hitting opponents, sloped surfaces, or next to walls.

Condition Consequences/ Combos

  • Postpone between when players as well as creatures are frozen as well as when the visual impact is applied has been decreased to boost readability of the status impact.
  • If a gamer applies a standing impact that currently feeds on a target, however the brand-new status effect has a higher damages than the existing one, the damages will currently scale to that higher value.
  • Gamers that prime targets for combos will certainly now also see the “& ldquo; Combo & rdquo; message when detonated by an additional gamer.
  • Enhanced the damages of the Electric condition impact when put on creatures.



  • Repaired added concerns where the Titan fireball projectile assault was striking gamers when they efficiently dodged/evaded.
  • Taken care of an issue where the Titan would not always utilize all of its offered assaults.


  • Readjusted ecological lightning strikes to not target javelins straight as often.
  • Fixed a concern where the anticipated gear score was incorrect if you were selecting to furnish a higher tier component than was presently geared up.
  • Repaired a pest where the Colossus shield wouldn’& rsquo; t appear when deployed to other players in the
  • team. Solved several issues where condition effects continued to be on the player much longer than the real impact (e.g. the Frozen status result appearing on the javelin after the effect has actually finished).
  • Taken care of a bug where the Storm’& rsquo; s guard did not get the designated 20% damages resistance boost while floating.
  • Taken care of a pest where the Interceptor Ultimate assault would certainly not chain when holding the fire button instead of holding the melee button.


  • Bulwark Point currently properly obtains period increases from utility period bonus offer engravings.
  • Taken care of an insect where Interceptor melee gear was not taking place cooldown when used in air.
  • Taken care of an issue where eruptive projectiles were not impacting destructible fight objects (e.g. scar shelters).
  • Fixed a problem where the Tornado’& rsquo; s Seal of the Open Mind Masterwork would incorrectly enable a player to fire 3 costs when the UI just showed 2 readily available.
  • Taken care of a pest where equipment recharge progression can be lost if you used a fee while additional charges were being restored.


  • Dealt with an error where the Masterwork Titan Supply Augment had a reduced base % boost than its non-Masterwork counterparts. (Enhanced from 5% to 35%).
  • Dealt With the Ranger Grenadier Part text to appropriately display the stat value %.
  • Repaired a problem with the Unique Arms Ammo component not appropriately increasing grenade launcher damage.

Standing Impacts/ Combos

  • Fixed some instances where several players contributing to a solitary status impact would certainly see wrong drifting worths
  • Dealt with a problem where you might receive a status impact from a creature assault while invulnerable.


  • Repaired a trouble where the Myriad of Dawn rifle disappears from the create while in the Release Bay
  • Dealt with a bug where ammo pick-ups weren’& rsquo; t bring back any kind of ammo in the existing magazine for the Devastator Sniper Rifle.
  • Fixed the Striker’& rsquo; s Equilibrium tool so that the weapon accuracy and also projectile trajectory ought to be dealt with when the bonus offer is applied.
  • Corrected Torrent Autocannon description text to match present capability.
  • Repaired a bug where Avenging Herald was improperly using its bonus offer damages to secondary tools while holstered. This bonus offer is currently just active when Avenging Herald is the energetic tool.
  • All Devastator Sniper Rifle weakpoint struck multipliers have actually been remedied to a 1.75 multiplier.

Text Summaries

  • Updated “& ldquo; Crucial Damage” & rdquo; to & ldquo; Weakpoint Damages & rdquo;
  • in any type of message descriptions. Updated & ldquo; Impact Dmg” & rdquo; to & ldquo; Kinetic
  • Dmg & rdquo; in any text summaries. Updated & ldquo; Effect Resist” & rdquo; to & ldquo; Kinetic Resist & rdquo; in any type of text descriptions.
  • Remedied formatting on the engraving worths for Overheat Hold-up Recovery, Thruster Delay Healing, as well as Weap Reload Speed so they no longer have multiple +/- values.
  • Gotten rid of message from the Masterwork Flamethrower which showed that it was a detonator when it is not.

Ft Tarsis

  • Gotten rid of the replicate 2nd pistol from Argentum Tran’& rsquo; s Sidearm case after completing the Consultant Reputation Benefits –– Level 3.
  • Elysian Trick pen over day-to-day obstacles no longer disappears on returning to Ft Tarsis.
  • Fixed a problem where Yarrow’& rsquo; s final discussion could play prematurely in some circumstances.
  • Eliminated Dax from the background of a conversation where you are told she headed out to obtain some tea.
  • Fixed a concern where Leader Vule left the structure during a discussion with Brin and the player.
  • Taken care of a concern where Jarek Arnel’& rsquo; s arm clipped badly into the wall.
  • Settled a problem where you were told that your team was waiting on you to all set up, when it wasn’& rsquo
  • ; t real. Fixed an issue where Faye wasn’& rsquo; t displayed in a motion picture scene that she is speaking in with Haluk.
  • Repaired numerous spelling and grammatical errors in the journal as well as library entrances.


  • Fixed a problem where targeted creatures in freeplay would certainly lose their target symbol if you flew also far from the field and also returned.
  • Taken care of a problem where guards went away from the Guard Support World Event, making it difficult to complete the event.
  • Taken care of a problem where you couldn’& rsquo; t progression in the Tombs of the Legionnaires quest if one participant of your squad had actually not opened that quest yet.
  • Taken care of a concern where you couldn’& rsquo; t engage with as well as get in the Burial place of Artinia when you had completed the demands to unlock it.
  • Getting some collectible archives were restricted to the player that connected with them. Currently all gamers within 100m of the gamer gathering the archive will automatically accumulate the archive too.
  • Dealt with a concern where turrets can spawn too far from the globe event area.
  • Dealt with a concern where being downed in the Arcanist Korox Research world occasion would certainly not reset effectively when you returned.


  • Downed gamers are now instantly revived when the garrison boss is defeated.
  • Holy place of the Mark: Repaired a problem where the haze wall visual result remained, although it didn’& rsquo; t in fact avoid the player from proceeding.
  • Temple of the Mark: Dealt with a concern where the player can run away the globe near the falls.
  • Tyrant Mine: Prevented turrets from generating in the 2nd area before gamers were led there et cetera of the opponents had generated in to deal with a manipulate.
  • Heart of Rage: Taken care of a problem where opponents can be entraped behind a fog wall surface, preventing the player from advancing.

Crucial Course and Famous Objectives

  • Heart of Rage: Dealt with a concern where eliminating the titan without going into the arena would trigger you to respawn in reverse, making it difficult to advance and finish the objective.
  • Legendary Attack: Repaired an issue where the plot wouldn’& rsquo; t advance after listening to the recording.
  • Epic Objectives: Taken care of a problem where the last breast would certainly never ever show up at the end of the objective if you were as well away from the chest.
  • Legendary Citadel of Dawn: Repaired a problem for the second trial where the story would damage if one gamer was slow-moving to tons in as well as the other player ran ahead.
  • Fabulous Freelancer Down: Repaired a problem where the story wouldn’& rsquo; t progress up until all participants of the squad had reached the defined factor.
  • Fabulous Searching For Old Buddies: Repaired an issue where adversaries can be stuck behind a fog wall, protecting against the plot from proceeding.
  • Repaired a problem where the notification of Legendary Missions being unlocked after finishing the vital path was not displaying.
  • Legendary Lost Arcanist: Took care of a problem where the Escari was teleporting around also regularly.
  • Famous Consultant Down: Fixed a respawn factor that was extremely far from the purpose.
  • Agreement –– Consultant Work: Fixed an issue where the action to shield the Arcanists wasn’& rsquo; t functioning appropriately when signing up with Quick Play.
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