If You Play Destiny 2 On Console Get An SSD

If You Play Destiny 2 On Console Get An SSD image 0

Fellow console Guardians, we’& rsquo; ve long heard the suggestion to get an SSD for your PS4 or Xbox One to accelerate your load times and make the food selection time a little much more acceptable.

Today, I lastly took that guidance. As well as like everybody always claims, I truly desire I would’& rsquo; ve done it earlier

. Fate 2 is a fairly big video game. Today, on PS4, it’& rsquo; s 81.74 GB. When Shadowkeep appears, 165GB of storage area will be needed.

I acquired the minimum that you can get to work on a PS4, simply to evaluate what a distinction it made. Figured if it worked well sufficient that I was satisfied with it, I’& rsquo;d most likely upgrade to a bigger one and use the present one for media data.

I obtained the 256GB Adata SD600 external SSD for $42.99 on Amazon (that’& rsquo; s an Amazon affiliate web link). Includes a little USB cord to connect it, plug-and-play so the PS4 recognized it quickly as well as within a min or so of attaching it was formatted and also I transferred Destiny 2 over to it. That procedure took about 25 mins or so, not bad whatsoever offering the documents size.

Prior to hooking up the SSD, I did a collection of 6 examinations on the HDD. Right here’& rsquo; s the average times it required to do a few points on the interior HDD of the PS4 Pro:

  • 1 minute 52 seconds from hitting Beginning on the PS4 control panel to being able to pick my character
  • 15 seconds from selecting the personality until being able to bring up the director while in orbit
  • 1 minute 21 secs from hitting launch on the tower up until spawning in
  • 5 secs from pushing options till tools could be switched

That’& rsquo; s just terrible.

Below’& rsquo; s the standard with the Adata SD600 SSD after 6 examinations:

  • 1 minute 8 seconds from dashboard to character pick
  • 10 seconds from choosing personality to bringing up supervisor
  • 53 seconds from tower launch to spawn
  • 2.41 seconds from pushing options till tools could be switched
  • 8 secs to return to orbit (I didn’& rsquo; t test this with the HDD)

As an added perk, with the SSD I can now evaluate shield while flying right into an activity and also in fact see it and also sneak peek shaders. A shock to make sure, but a welcome one.

Currently as you can see, that’& rsquo; s a pretty good distinction. That’& rsquo; s 44 seconds shaved off from beginning the game until having the ability to choose a personality. In fact, with the SSD I can start, visit, pick personality and start flying to the Tower prior to I can’& rsquo; ve even chosen the personality with the HDD.

53 secs was the standard to fly in to the Tower. Had a run of 49 secs, and among a min 3 secs. Also at the worst, it was still a recognizable enhancement as well as you got ta enjoy with that.

Over two secs shaved off of opening up the food selection, which for us on console is a blessing offering how sluggish as well as slow-moving that’& rsquo; s constantly been.

Again, I desire I would’& rsquo; ve done it quicker. I’& rsquo; m really happy with simply entering into the game, the Tower, destinations as well as my food selection a little faster. Clearly, it’& rsquo; s not mosting likely to assist you any type of when it concerns packing into a crucible suit.

Extremely suggest that you get an exterior SSD if you have the funds to justify it. It’& rsquo; s an obvious as well as appreciable difference.

If you obtain one, keep in mind that the SSD needs to plug directly right into the PS4 to use it as expanded storage to relocate Destiny 2 or other video games to it. If you’& rsquo; re like me, you already have your 3 USB ports on the system used up, so I needed to buy a USB center to include the SSD.

I chose this set from BYEASY for $13 (once again Amazon.com associate web link), however that one isn’& rsquo; t currently available any longer. Any one of them must work simply great.

Now that I’& rsquo; ve seen the difference, I’& rsquo; m possibly mosting likely to update to a minimum of a 500GB SSD and also perhaps even a 1TB. If I do, I’& rsquo; ll likely opt for a Samsung interior SSD as well as simply place it in an outside unit.


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