Destiny 2 Update 1.2.3 Patch Notes

Guardians, Update 1.2.3 is currently available to download and install on computer, PS4, as well as Xbox One. The download is MB.

Have a look at the complete patch notes listed below courtesy of, and after that get in video game to complete the new bounties, try out remodelled unique shield, and even attempt some Competitive crucible for a perhaps simpler time as well as to also make Valor at the same time.

Update 1.2.3 Spot Notes:

Solstice of Heroes

Moments of Victory
  • Minutes of Triumph bounties will appear in-game for the Solstice of Heroes occasion starting July 31, 2018.
    • Gamers may access a set variety of Victories on prior to the occasion start.
    • Gamers can finish Victories to gain factors that they can trade for benefits such as symbols, a Sparrow, and also a code to buy an unique Tee shirts.
  • When the summer occasion appears on July 31, 2018, gamers can get these Victory bounties from the unique summer season occasion vendor and will certainly have the whole of the event to complete them.
  • Victories are based upon account-specific information; as soon as an Accomplishment has actually been asserted as well as redeemed for factors, it can not be asserted for factors on another personality.
  • All Accomplishments can be tracked using; the greatest worths of a character on that account will certainly be displayed.
  • In-game benefits will appear on July 31, 2018. Stay tuned to @Bungie for announcements of availability.
NOTE: All details worrying Solstice of Heroes: Minutes of Triumph might be discovered at

Financial investment

  • 5 Crucible bounties a day will currently be readily available from Shaxx.
  • 5 Lead bounties a day will now be available from Zavala.
  • These bounties rotate on a daily cadence.
  • Bounties can run out after you acquire them. Expiry of specific bounties is shown in the tooltip.
Exotic Masterworks
  • Catalysts for Legend of Acrius, Telesto, as well as Sleeper Simulant are now offered as incentives from Stature “& ldquo; Leviathan “, & rdquo; Stature & ldquo; Leviathan, Eater of Worlds, & rdquo; as well as Reputation & ldquo;
  • Leviathan, Apex of Stars, & rdquo; specifically. Unique stimulants from Heroic strikes currently have somewhat greater drop
  • opportunities. The Skyburner & rsquo; s Oath Unique stimulant from the “& ldquo; Leviathan & rdquo; raid currently has somewhat higher decrease opportunities.
  • The catalyst for Sturm can currently be found by beating adversaries on Nessus.
Miscellaneous Quality-of-Life Adjustments
  • Changed Rise Method weapon incentive opportunities to be more deterministic.
    • Players boost their opportunities each time they beat in charge.
  • As Soon As all Mercury Forge weapons have been obtained, they become available for straight buy from Bro Vance in the Lighthouse (2nd vendor web page).
  • Momentum has been eliminated from Brave journeys.
  • The “& ldquo; Pursuits & rdquo; stock bucket has actually been relocated to the top of Stock groups.
  • Taken care of an issue where unequippable emotes can be selected.
  • Repaired a problem where no audio would certainly play on raising as well as lowering the handicap on Challenge Cards.
  • Commas have actually been contributed to large numbers as separators on the IGCR and also PGCR.
  • Repaired a concern which prevented the Period 3 Dead Orbit Gauntlet Ornament from obtaining progress from Arcstriders using the Method of the Warrior subclass tree.
  • Shield might currently be bought from Iron Banner as well as Intrigue Rallies suppliers.


Strike Modifiers
  • Power outage: Now increases adversary melee damages significantly but is no more a guaranteed one-shot kill for all players.
  • Glass: A little lowered the health as well as guard fine.
  • Grounded: Dramatically minimized inbound damages when you are airborne, to represent strange geometry that Guardians might not have any kind of control over.
Designer Insight: The objective is to make sure these modifiers are visible, yet when Guardians advance their Power and also stats, they can observe themselves overcoming the debuffs.
  • The Nightfall tutorial experience for brand-new gamers has actually been upgraded to no longer call out pre-1.1.3 Nightfall auto mechanics.


  • Dealt with an issue that was stopping some gamers from accessing Mars adventures.
  • Taken care of a concern that created some open world upper bodies on Mars to not drop Twinkle or Mars tokens.
  • Repaired a problem which prevented prediction materials for Sibling Vance from dropping from breasts discovered on Mars.


Unique Shield Updates
  • Hunter.
    • Lucky Raspberry.
      • Enhanced the opportunity to totally reenergize Arcbolt Explosive on Arcbolt Explosive strikes.
      • Currently ensures a complete recharge when Arcbolt Explosive strikes four targets.
    • St0mp-EE5.
      • Increased benefits when using Strafe Dive as well as Triple Jump.
    • Youthful Ahamkara’& rsquo;
      • s Spine. Now additionally boosts Tripmine Explosive’& rsquo; s blast span and also toss speed, and also makes your Tripmine Grenades more difficult to damage.
      • Solar capability hits now provide some Tripmine Grenade energy (33%).
      • Included brand-new FX treatment to the improved Tripmine Grenades to separate them from typical Tripmine Explosives.
      • Gotten rid of target-marking capability.
  • Titan.
    • ACD/0 Responses Fence.
      • Currently gives Fierceness Conductor heaps on melee hits instead of eliminates.
      • Currently lowers melee damages received while you have heaps of Fury Conductor.
      • More stacks of Fury Conductor better reduce melee damage got.
    • Doom Fang Pauldrons.
      • Space melee kills currently provide a lot more Super energy.
      • Guard Throw hits now provide Super power.
    • Dunemarchers.
      • Minimized the time to trigger Linear Actuators while you’& rsquo; re dashing to 1.5 secs (down from 5 seconds).
      • Raised the damage of the chain lightning impact (+70% in PvP, 440% in PvE).
  • Warlock.
    • Crown of Tempests.
      • Broke down the total variety of stacks of Conduction Tines to 3 (with the very same complete result).
      • Conduction Tines now also decreases the rate that Super energy depletes while Stormtrance is active.
    • Karnstein Armlets.
      • Melee eliminates currently immediately heal you, then grant continuous healing for 8 seconds.
      • Eliminated bonus strength, movement, and enemy highlights on melee kills.
    • Starfire Protocol.
      • Equipped weapon damages hits now give some Combination Explosive power (20%).
  • Plasteel Reinforcement Mod now consists of “& ldquo; Trait & rdquo; in its tooltip, to have consistency with Restorative and Wheelchair Enhancement Mods.
  • Dealt with stowed Hand Cannon position on the Haakon’& rsquo; s Iron Strides ornament. Dragon’& rsquo; s Shadow now has an audio sign when it reloads your tools.
  • Updated tooltip discussion of some Warmind Exotic armor item innate advantages.
  • Upgraded the perk summary for Sanguine Alchemy to much better reflect its functionality.
  • Taken care of an issue that was causing targets noted by Sanguine Alchemy to create orbs when defeated.
  • Taken care of an issue that created Wraithmetal Mail’& rsquo; s active perk to show up in the UI without a symbol.
  • Taken care of a problem that created Starfire Method not to work with the Dawnblade Attunement of Skies capability course.
  • Repaired a problem that prevented Warlock melee strike damages when players were using the Ophidian Element Exotic and also Hive Swords or orb carry things.
  • Took care of a concern for high framerates on PC that triggered gamers to all of a sudden shed momentum after triggering Supers and airborne evade abilities.
Unique Defense.
  • Boosted the variety of rounds granted to Crimson on respawn.
  • Taken care of a concern that permitted vacant swords to drop heavy ammunition blocks on fatality in the Crucible.
  • Repaired the Speedy Structure inherent perk on Basilisk (Dead Orbit Shotgun).
  • Dealt with a concern that impacted the recoil of West of Sunfall 7 as well as the Tests of the 9 Hand Cannon, A Cold Sweat.
  • Fixed a concern triggering the Iron Banner Hand Cannon, Finite Impactor, to not correctly track Masterwork statistics.


Eminence Raid Lairs.
  • Every week, there is a curated tool collection and an international activity modifier for Apex of Stars as well as Eater of Worlds Eminence. The tool collection as well as modifier will be the same throughout both tasks.
    • Status Eater of Worlds will appear at 11 a.m. PDT on July 17, 2018.
    • Eminence Apex of Stars will certainly appear at 10 a.m. PDT on July 18, 2018.
  • Prestige raid lairs will drop tools at 400 Power as well as Exotic catalysts.
  • Raid shield ornaments will come to be unlockable.
KEEP IN MIND: More details concerning the Reputation Raid Lairs can be located at:
  • Dealt with a problem which protected against Hunters from getting some loot chest incentives in the Apex of Stars raid lair.


Clan Chat.
  • Includes a brand-new in-game text chat channel that allows online Destiny 2 clan participants to interact (in real time). This chat channel is different from the friend clan chat network.
Director Map PC (Computer Mouse) Individual Experience.
  • Scrolling location minimized to the edges of the game window.
  • Arrow is currently limited to game window when a map is energetic (computer mouse capture).
  • Side scrolling now freezes when game home window loses emphasis.
  • Repaired a problem which created bluetooth earphones to not play audio properly on some PC arrangements. For more details, please see the Essential Details area of our Fate Audio Guide.


Iron Banner Updates.
  • The Iron Banner video game setting now uses Iron Temple fire pits as capture areas instead of typical Control flags.
  • Included new Power Play regulations special to Iron Banner:.
    • Upon catching a 3rd zone, all three areas lock for 20 secs.
    • After 20 secs, all three areas reset to neutral and also have to be regained.
  • Included new audio for fire pits and also Power Play notifies.
  • Updated rating as well as time frame to match typical Control now that Quickplay is additionally 6v6.
Personal Suit Insect Takes Care Of.
  • Private Suit is no more available to test users.
Crucible Laboratory Update.
  • Added “& ldquo; BETA & rdquo; to the activity
  • tooltip. Added support for more Labs in the future.
  • Added end-of-match rewards.
Crucible Playlist Update.
  • Quickplay.
    • Increased player configuration to 6v6 as well as updated playlist description.
    • Eliminated Superiority.
    • Upgraded Clash win score to 100.
    • Upgraded Control win rating to 150.
    • Control Areas are originally neutral.
  • Competitive.
    • Upgraded playlist description.
    • Countdown: Bomb Fuse timer reduced from 40 seconds to 35 secs.
  • Rumble is currently readily available full time.
  • Superiority is now a turning 6v6 playlist with a rating to win of 150.
Crucible Ranks Update.
  • Gamers can now earn Valor Ranking from the adhering to playlists:.
    • Competitive
    • Crucible Labs
    • Iron Banner
  • Signing up with a game underway currently shields your Valiance Success Touch for that video game.
    • If you shed: No fines sustained to your Valiance Victory Streak.
    • If you win: Valor Victory Touch increases.
  • Players will currently be matched using their Splendor Ranking.
    • This means your challengers will be of similar rank to you.
    • The greater you climb up, the tougher the challenger!
  • Splendor Loss Streaks have been re-tuned to be less penalizing in time.
    • Consecutive losses currently lower the Rank Points lost rather than enhancing.
    • Streaks still top out at 5.
  • All Ranking Streaks no more reset once they strike their cap.
  • Fixed a bug where Ranking Up toasts were not firing when a gamer hit orbit.
  • Taken care of an insect where gamers that logged right into a personality for the very first time after an once a week reset would sustain the Glory Rank once a week award/penalty.
  • Dealt with an insect where players were incorrectly listening to the ranking points increase/decrease appears where there was no rank affixed to the activity.
  • Assorted modifications to boost the readability of enemy audio cues across all settings.


Summer Season Event Engram.
  • For the duration of Solstice of Heroes, players will certainly earn a perk Solstice Engram with each Model Engram gained with Reputation level-up.
  • When decrypting Solstice Engrams, gamers will certainly receive brand-new products till they’& rsquo; ve opened all products in the box. When all products have been obtained, additional Solstice Engrams will certainly honor duplicate things. Gamers may track what items they’& rsquo; ve made from the Solstice Engram via the engram’& rsquo; s preview
  • . New product type: armor radiances. Gamers who earn the Solstice of Heroes armor collections may use armor radiances acquired from Eververse or the Solstice Engram.
    • Shield shines light up portions of the Solstice of Heroes armor and radiate brightest when the component of the armor radiance and also the Guardian’& rsquo; s subclass align.
    • Once acquired, armor glows may be made use of and re-used on any kind of Solstice of Heroes shield item, regardless of class.
  • During Solstice of Heroes, gamers may purchase event-exclusive things from Eververse for Bright Dust.
Prismatic Matrix.
  • The Prismatic Matrix has actually been momentarily removed. It will certainly return in Season 4.
  • Prismatic elements have actually been deprecated. Dismantling deprecated Prismatic aspects will grant Bright Dust.

Various other

HDR Calibration.
  • Includes a calibration screen for HDR on all platforms. It can be accessed through the Illumination video setup when HDR is activated.
GDPR Conformity.
  • Updated LSLA display in bootflow, consisting of web link to GDPR sources.
Product Preview Updates.
  • Players can preview generate effects and also Sparrow contrails in their supply.


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