The Division 2 Patch Notes For Invasion: Battle For D.C.

The Division 2 Patch Notes For Invasion: Battle For DC photo 0

The Battle For D.C. has actually begun in The Department 2. Right here are the Patch Notes:

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  • rdquo; > New Web content A new world rate– WT5, with a new equipment rating cap to 500 Heroic trouble
  • 3 equipment collections—– Recurring Regulation, Real Patriot, and Hard Wired
  • A new faction garrison—– Tidal Basin
  • Weekly Got Into Goals

Defense, Mods and Equipment:

  • Revamped the Weapon mod system, see the table at the end of the spot notes for detailed details.
  • Dealt with a wrong long-range damages worth for M4 (incredibly 90) and also P416. Formerly, they can occasionally enhance damages over longer arrays as opposed to vice versa.
  • Rifles:
    • Damage on the MK17 rifle lowered by 14%, likewise corrected this tool not having a damages falloff over distance.
    • LW M4 damage raised by 5%, RPM enhanced from 240 to 360.
    • LVOA-C RPM enhanced from 240 to 380.
  • Marksman Rifles
    • Version 700 damages lowered by 13%.
  • Shotguns
    • AA12 damage boosted by 16%.
  • LMGs
    • MG5 damages increased by 12% and also dealt with reversed falloff, triggering the tool to do even more damage over a longer variety.
  • Upgraded initial precision on the Sig Sniper MCmillan T1. It must now be a lot more trusted to fire as soon as it’& rsquo; s shouldered as well as the change to scoped view is over.
  • Lowered the quantity of Critical Damages and also Headshot Damage that can roll on Gear, consisting of the quantity on existing Gear. The real worths will certainly differ depending on the level as well as quality of the gear it happens on. This is partially in preparation for another globe tier, where we felt these worths were currently at the limit of what was healthy and balanced in WT4.
  • Total overhaul of skill mods to give even more possible requirements as well as even more practical bonuses.
    • A closer equivalence in between necessary skill power and also the perks given.
    • Changed the quantity of ability power on equipment to not increase greatly with level, yet instead extra linearly. This results in most skill power values on equipment being reduced, yet according to the reduced demands.
    • Fine-tuned the varieties of incentives to be within appropriate bounds where they had extreme values before as a result of scaling mistakes. Most notably span and ammo/charges worths.
    • Players will see both the rewards as well as the demands of mostly all skill mods alter as an outcome of this overhaul.
    • In end game, both Superior and also High-End ability mods exist to cover the different demands of various builds. They can overlap in power, however High-End mods have a higher optimum roll potential.
    • We are checking out methods to provide lower value/quality mods in end game globe tiers in the future to provide a service to the truth that on really low skill power develops, there would be room for those mods, as well as currently we are aware that suggests you need to save mods from your progressing experience.

Gamer Abilities:

  • Repaired an issue which caused the Bombardier Drone to obtain destroyed while climbing up up/down a ladder or rope.
  • Boosted feedback of Bombardier Drone collapsing right into challenges throughout the bombing phase.
  • Repaired a concern with Firefly haul occasionally stopping working to activate when reaching its target.
  • Taken care of an issue where Restore hive would certainly not self-deploy if the representative was busy carrying out a various action such as using different skill when it triggered.
  • Overhauled the Sniper Turret version of the turret skill.
    • It now will automatically target the aggressive closest to the players’ & rsquo; center-of-screen (the very same technique it uses to select various other turret targets) and also will terminate at that target when the button is pressed, without a lock-on order required.
    • If a player targets at a hostile, the sniper turret will try to match their purpose, permitting accuracy shots using the sniper turret.
    • An issue where the sniper turret wasn’& rsquo; t properly obtaining perk damage when hitting headshots has been fixed.
  • Spruced up the Chem launcher ability system.
    • Pressing the skill switch will certainly currently equip the chem launcher comparable to switching to a weapon. The player can intend and also shoot with normal tool controls, as well as kept up the ability and also blindfire it.
    • Quick deploy at the representatives possess position is still offered for the repair service variation of the chem launcher, using the same controls as in the past.
    • Unequipping the Chem launcher can be done making use of the skill button, the B (XBOX)/ Circle (PS4) switch or simply using the tool swap controls.

Loot & & Incentives:

  • Control Factor incentive containers are offering the appropriate variety of things for the equivalent Control Point’& rsquo; s defense level. Protection degree 4 now grants 5 things as opposed to 3.
  • Reduced DZ XP gain from Landmarks in Dark Zones.
  • Decreased the quality and also power for items dropped in Publicity Broadcast and also one decrease of Settlement Blockade activities to be extra in line with various other open world enemies and also activities.
  • Upgraded XP rewards for low-level gamer playing in World Tiers to scale with player level.
  • Supply Drop activity loot container products now scale with every successive container you open. This consists of lowering the benefit of the first pet crate, however causes comparable incentives for the activity as a whole.
  • Added 5 Specialized Garments Cache Keys, awarded with levels 2 –– 4.
    • As a thank you for playing, all gamers that played before April 4 get 5 Specialized Clothing Keys, regardless of their degree.
    • Apparel Keys will certainly be coming for those players later next week.
  • Faction Secret loot goes down from Bounties are now guaranteed as well as are displayed in the loot preview.
  • Adjusted bounty credit rating incentives to make use of scaling values in World Tiers as opposed to level values so if a lower degree gamer is playing with a higher-level gamer, they will get an amount of credit histories better for their degree.
  • Transformed Ability Unlock compensates to be non-invaded just to ensure that gamers who co-op with a higher-level good friend to play invaded prior to using tale won’& rsquo; t get the incentives.
  • Included Garments cache crucial pieces to the PvP reward caches.
  • Adjusted the incentives for the road implementation activity to give slightly lower quality/source degree gear so the rewards are extra in accordance with the problem of the activity.
  • Reduced the top quality and also source degree graphes utilized for item declines from the living world tasks negotiation clog and Propaganda broadcast to be much more in line with other open globe declines as well as the trouble of the tasks.
  • Updated Collectibles established XP reward to scale with gamer level.
  • Repaired an issue which created the Drone Helicopter to not use the right loot table.


  • Increased Material cap for Requirement and Specialized crafting materials to 400 (with all rewards).
  • Boosted Material cap for Premium crafting materials to 50.
  • Materials needed for crafting tool mods does not scale as aggressively as well as has much reduced values in endgame.
  • Eliminated a tiny boost on products required for crafting weapon mods after upgrading the crafting bench top quality.
  • Transformed the upgrade plans for unique weapons Lullaby and Callous to not show up on the vendor up until you are level 30.
  • Boosted the power for the wandering vendor so her stock has a narrower Gear Score range closer to the cloud nine Tier Gear Score Array.
  • Set all unique upgrade plans to award you the updated weapon on limit gear rating of the present tier.
  • Eliminated a tiny increase on products needed for crafting tool mods after upgrading the crafting bench quality.
  • Unique weapons are currently pre-equipped with lore message mods. These mods do not have statistics and can not be equipped somewhere else.


  • Blind Justice –– Changed the Enthusiast that boosts damages to your following shot currently runs out at end of combat and also when out of battle
  • First Blood – — Updated Normalized MMR Talent First Blood Text to properly discuss that the very first shot after refilling from empty is the enhanced bullet.


  • Decreased damage of all NPC Automatic Shotguns
  • Decreased damage of all NPC SMGs
  • Hey representative! Staff in the Main office will certainly now shout at the gamer less regularly than before.

Key Missions Problem:

  • World Financial Institution –– Attacked –– Web Server Space
    • ​​ Boosted the time which the Black Tusks requires to finish the download in the Web server Space from 200 seconds to 250 seconds.
    • Minimized the problem in the Web server Space by establishing the Enemy group composition to light, light, tool –– As opposed to medium, hefty, tool.
  • DCD Headquarters
    • Goal degree has been transformed from 17 to 18.
  • Roosevelt Island –– Invaded – — Quarantine Docks
    • Decreased the problem of the initial wave of opponents run into in the last beat of the objective by decreasing the amount of Elite and Professional opponents.
    • Enemies in this part of the objective can just make use of mounted tools if there are 2 gamers or more.
      • This should make it less penalizing for solo-players trying this goal.

Open Globe:

  • Removed fatality of private team as a failing condition for Control Point requisition.
    • The Policeman will currently stay in downed state till gamers finish the takeover or wipe.
  • Black Tusk presence has actually been raised in invaded Open World zones.
  • New Ambusher NPCs currently stroll the streets of DC.


  • Added a “& ldquo; Buddies & Clan & rdquo; option for Call for Backup that just shows calls from good friends as well as clan members.
  • Included a “& ldquo; Do Not Disturb & rdquo; team privacy choice that obstructs all incoming welcomes.


  • Added a Field of vision slider

PlayStation 4

  • Fixed an issue that might trigger gamers to be embeded the Specialization tutorial

Bug Repairs:

  • Taken care of an issue that might create unwanted appearance modifications to representatives after login in or utilizing the barber.
    • Players that have been completely influenced by a look adjustment will sadly not be transformed back with this repair. We wish to apologize for any inconvenienced triggered by this and we’& rsquo; re checking into options to allow players to totally personalize their representative in the future, yet we do not have a timeline for this feature.
  • Fixed an issue where the Collection Applicant Mine could split up more frequently than intended
  • Fixed an issue where the Defender Drone can have limitless uptime.
  • Taken care of an issue which stopped gamers from completing the Unite cypher puzzle.
    • We’& rsquo; re confident this is not bugged any longer.
  • Taken care of a problem that would cause the Garrison activation computer animation to constantly play when entering the Base of Workflow.
  • Repaired several instances of Audio logs not playing instantly when picked up.
  • Fixed a concern that can trigger players being not able to end up the Side Goal Worksite Community.
  • Repaired a problem where gamers were unable to update their crafting bench after getting to a brand-new Globe Rate.
  • Dealt with a concern with NPCs sometimes not responding effectively to cooked grenades
  • Dealt with a problem with Hunters not constantly properly despawning if a gamer runs away a fight space
  • Dealt with rare issue where NPCs can obtain stuck when trying to melee a gamer in cover
  • Taken care of issue with the Nitroglycerin Candidate Mine periodically falling short to path to its target
  • Repaired insect where players might fast travel to non-friendly Control Points
  • Repaired insect that made encounters with friendly NPCs asking for resources as well rare
  • Dealt with bug where underground enemies would concern the surface during the day
  • Repaired a concern where gamers were able to obtain gear with a higher equipment score than planned.
    • Any had High-End items will certainly be reduced to Equipment Score 500.
    • Any type of possessed Superior things will certainly be reduced to Equipment Score 490.
    • Clan caches no more award things higher than the optimum loot Gear Score.
    • Recalibration still permits Equipment Score to boost a little past the optimum loot Equipment Score.
  • Taken care of a number of strange stairs as well as undetectable wall surfaces.
Weapon add-ons
Connect (pos).
Connect (neg).


Nimble Link Belt.
5% Fire price.
Tactical Small Bag.
20% Reload speed.
Non-disruptive Link.
Calibrated Link.
15% Security.
Huge Pouch.
35 Extra rounds.
5.56 Publication.
Light Extensive 5.56 Mag.
10 Extra Rounds.
Tough Extended 5.56 Mag.
20 Bonus Beats.
10% Reload Rate.
Tactical 5.56 Mag.
10 % Crit Damage.
Infantry 5.56 Mag.
30% Optimal Variety.
Well Balanced Spring 5.56 Mag.
20% Stability.
7.62 Magazine.
Light Extensive 7.62 Mag.
10 Extra Beats.
Durable Extended 7.62 Mag.
20 Extra Rounds.
10 %Reload Rate.
Heavy 7.62 Mag.
20% Stability.
Accuracy 7.62 Mag.
7% Headshot Damage.
Slim 7.62 Mag.
20% Reload Speed.
9mm Magazine.
Extra-large 9mm Mag.
10 Additional Beats.

Expanded 9mm Mag

20 Bonus Beats.
Heavy Spring 9mm Mag.
10% Crit Damage.
Fractional 9mm Mag.
20% Reload Rate.
Special Forces 9mm Mag.
10% Damage to Elites.
.45 ACP Publication.
Expanded.45 ACP Mag.
10 Additional Beats.
Oversized.45 ACP Mag.
20 Additional Rounds.
10 % reload rate.
Short Springtime.45 ACP Mag.
20% Reload Rate.
Pressure Feed.45 ACP Mag.
10% Damages to Elites.
Precision Feeding.45 Mag.
20% Security.
Marksman 7.62 Publication.
Tightly Packed Marksman Mag.
5 Additional Beats.
Light-weight Marksman Mag.
20% Reload Speed.
Tough Marksman Mag.
20% Security.
Compact Marksman Mag.
10% Damage to Elites.
Mended Marksman Mag.
20% Ideal Variety.
7.62 Integrated.
Compensated Integrated Springtime.
20% Reload Rate.
Overbalanced Integrated Springtime.
20% Stability.
Stiff Integrated Spring.
5% Damages.
Underbalanced Integrated Springtime.
10% Damage to Elites.
Revolver drum.
Rate Filling Revolver Drum.
20% Reload Speed.
Handgun mag.
Extended Pistol Mag.
11 Extra Beats.
Area Gun Mag.
30% Optimal Array.
Cops Handgun Mag.
20% Reload Rate.
Hard Tubular Springtime.
5% Fire Price.
Counter-Clockwise Tubular Spring.
10% Damage to Elites.
Flexible Tubular Springtime.
20% Reload Speed.
5.56 (5.7 ).
Loud Vent Brake 5.56.
10% Optimal Range.
Muzzle Brake 5.56.
5% Damages to Elites.
Compensator 5.56.
10% Stability.
Flash Hider 5.56.
5% Crit Damages.
Large Suppressor 5.56.
10% Precision.
Omega 5.56 Rifle Suppressor.
20% Security.
10 % Ideal Range.
Loud Vent Brake 7.62.
10% Ideal Array.
Muzzle Brake 7.62.
5% Damage to Elites.
Compensator 7.62.
10 % Security.
Flash Hider 7.62.
5% Crit Damages.
Huge Suppressor 7.62.
10 % Precision.
Omega 7.62 Rifle Suppressor.
20% Stability.
10% Optimal Variety.
9 mm.
Loud Vent Brake 9mm.
10% Optimum Variety.
Muzzle Brake 9mm.
5% Damage to Elites.
Compensator 9mm.
10% Stability.
Flash Hider 9mm.
5% Crit Damage.
Tiny Suppressor 9mm.
10% Accuracy.
Osprey 9 Suppressor.
5% Crit Possibility.
.45 ACP.
Loud Vent Brake.45.
10% Ideal Range.
Muzzle Brake.45.
5% Damages to Elites.
10% Stability.
Blink Hider.45.
5% Crit Damage.
Little Suppressor.45.
10% Accuracy.
Osprey 45 Suppressor.
5% Crit Opportunity.
EXPS3 Holo view.
8% Damage to Elites.
Russian Red Dot Sight.
5% Crit Damage.
T2 Micro Red Dot Sight.
10% Accuracy.
PRO Red Dot View.
5% Security.
Small RDS Scope.
15% Security.
5% Precision.
Reflex View.
20 % Crit Array.
Reduced Reflex View.
10% Damage to Elites.
10% Optimal Range.
Rugged Mini Reflex Sight.
5% Crit Opportunity.
Acog Range (4x).
20% Optimum Array.
CQBSS Range (8x).
30% Headshot Damages.
Digital Extent.
45% Headshot Damage.
5% crit damages.
C79 Extent (3.4 x).
5% Damages to elites.
552 Holo Sight.
10% Accuracy.
MK5 Extent (15x).
40% headshot damages.
20% Reload Rate.
VX1 Extent (12x).
35% Headshot Damages.
10% Reload Rate.
Iron Sights.
Streamlined Iron Sights.
10% Reload Rate.
Weighted Iron Sights.
10% Security.
Open Iron Sights.
10% Accuracy.
Angled Grip.
10% Stability.
Laser Guideline.
5% Crit Possibility.
Tiny Laser Guideline.
7% Crit Opportunity.
Vertical Grip.
10% Precision.
Brief Grip.
5% Crit Damages.
10% Reload Rate.


Compact Coupled Laser Pointer.
10% headshot damage.
Compact Coupled Small Laser Guideline.
10% Crit Opportunity.
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